Tuesday, March 23, 2010

not sure what to blog about

This blogging thing is all so new for me. I guess the way I was raised and various life experiences had not taught me how to just share what I was thinking, so I'm busting out here and exposing myself. It feels kind of scary to be honest, but I'm trying to redesign my life, so the journey into the uncomfortable is part of it. If I want something different I can't just keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

On the subject of nearsighted knitting, those who know me, know I have vision issues, although I have never wanted to be identified as disabled. I just consider myself to be visually challenged. I've spent a lot of my life wanted to be treated just like anyone else.

The fact that I hold what I am looking at really close to my face (much closer than most) seems to make some people uncomfortable, and others manage to not show any discomfort although I expect they were. Recently, I had a cousin (in law) tell me the first time she met me (I was watching TV and sitting really close to the set). (I was probably 12 or so, maybe younger), and I was completely unaware that I was being observed in that way.

I am self conscious since my focus is off center and most people who I speak with would not know I was even looking at them. They'll look over their shoulder to see if I'm talking to someone behind them. So it's been a lifetime of awkward connections to say the least. Once people figure me out they seem to get it.

I guess I owe my mom thanks because she always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted. (There was some inconsistencies there though, since she was terrified to let me get a driver's license. She really couldn't stand in my shoes and see what I could see, but I guess if she saw how close I watched TV she figured I might not be safe out on the road. Well my vision is corrected to 20/60 ish, and I did wait until after her death to get my driver's license. I've been driving 26 years now although I've had a few accidents, they were mostly as a novice and none my fault. (others were rear ended, side swiped, turned into by another car as I crossed an intersection with the light, I backed into a tow ball on a stake bed truck). I realize some people go through life without any accidents, and I applaud them. I'm just extra careful.

My grandmother was into all kinds of needlework, and crafts. She was out visiting and taught me to needlepoint and knit. I had knitted a few things, but never anything too complicated. I had done art in college and then became an accountant. (seems like the wrong profession for someone so nearsighted). The stress of accounting was/is there especially during tax season. I was encouraged to take up knitting again, so a couple years ago I took a class with a co-worker and made an entralac bag and felted it. Well I was hooked. I knit almost every day, and get lots of joy in making items I can give as gifts.

I am always seeing the metaphors in one part of life that apply to other parts, so that's mostly what I'll be commenting on throughout this blog.

I'll post a link to my ravelry page so that you can see the projects I've made.

Tonight I'll be starting a lace scarf for an upcoming birthday. shhhh don't tell!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm so excited! this is my first Blog.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

Being an introvert I often keep my thoughts to myself, so this is me stepping out! I've had the title for this blog in my head for quite a while, not sure where it will lead, or what all I will share. I was compelled to start it. It is a journey of discovery. I hope you my readers get some enjoyment, or aha's or laughs or find it somehow useful.